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My wife is an IT recruiter for a small company in our town.

Most of the other recruiters are in their 30's and are only concerned with making comissions for themselves. My wife works to get her "techs" the most money for the job and to make sure the "hiring company" treats the techs properly at the job site. She also works to see that the tech is paid for the job ASAP and refuses to send a tech out to a job site when the cost of transportation to the job site is more than the tech would make on that job.

She just completed a big project in Canada, that none of the other recruiters would touch because of the language problem. My wife got the project completed because she believes in doing a good job and cares about people.

Most of the younger recruiters don't like her, but the bosses do, based on the profit they get and the comments from happy customers. I think she's finally had enough with the immaturity in that company and will accept an offer from another recruiting company.

What I'm trying to say is that outsourcing can be good or bad, depending on the company you hire and the people it employs.
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