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The Hummer name is no longer synonymous with bad-*** off-roading for most Americans. It now conjurs up the image of the H2, an over-sized gas-guzzling SUV. It doesn't matter if the H2 is a great off-roading vehicle or not, because it was advertised as if it were a new Toyota car.
first of all, how was it marketed as a Toyota car? it was marketed as what it is... a killer off road truck. secondly, the reason its sales are slumping is because the newness has worn off. it's not the new hip thing anymore, it's out there to compete with every other SUV in its price range. sales at our dealership are pretty good, and regardless of what you think, it's probably selling like it should now.

Why they didn't initially offer the H2 with the Duramax is a complete mystery. Usually I give GM the benefit of the doubt but this was really a boner-move.

the reason we're told the duramax wasn't offered in the first place is that it won't fit as it is. the H2 hasn't got a lot of room up front there, and the hood slopes quite a bit, so it couldn't fit in the engine bay. they are working on something, but the 6.0L gas engine is the best fit right now.
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