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Originally posted by darryl32v@Jul 6 2004, 10:09 AM
Being able to afford it or not. I have a friend who owns one and it was costing him $500.00 big ones a month in gas. That rediculous.
Rediculous? No, I'm sorry, but $500 a month in gas is not as rediculous as buying such a vehicle in the first place. Your "friend" is obviously driving that thing entirely too much. At 10mpg and $2.50/gal (the highest price likely being paid), he's driving it 2000 miles a month. If he knew going into this purchase that he'd be driving that much, he either didn't care about fuel prices or just didn't think it all the way through.

The Hummer name is no longer synonymous with bad-*** off-roading for most Americans. It now conjurs up the image of the H2, an over-sized gas-guzzling SUV. It doesn't matter if the H2 is a great off-roading vehicle or not, because it was advertised as if it were a new Toyota car.
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