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Originally posted by SUPERBADD75@Jul 7 2004, 05:44 AM
first of all, how was it marketed as a Toyota car? it was marketed as what it is... a killer off road truck. secondly, the reason its sales are slumping is because the newness has worn off. it's not the new hip thing anymore, it's out there to compete with every other SUV in its price range. sales at our dealership are pretty good, and regardless of what you think, it's probably selling like it should now.

Also, a redesign of the front end to make it more aerodynamic? An aerodynamic Hummer? Oxymoron anyone? The whole point with the H2 is that it looks like the most un-aerodynamic thing on the road today!
Yeah, Regis and Alessandra Ambrosio (sp?) (the Brazilian supermodel they use in the commercials) yes, very much in keeping with their "off road" marketing campaign. Very rugged types, the kind you'll meet on the Rubicon? Hah! They've marketed it as a status symbol, the bling bling thing. If you want to go off road, you're going to get an old CJ Jeep and go for it. Now, if you want to cruise the boulevard, that's what they're selling the H2 for.
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