One of Johann de Nysschen's marquee decisions as head of Cadillac is being reversed, as new president Steve Carlisle is moving the luxury brand back to Detroit, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The move back is being explained as a way to improve the lines of communication between GM and Cadillac and make decisions quicker and easier.

"We have a huge number of launches ahead of us," Carlisle told WSJ. "We've got to think about how we take inefficiencies out of the communication process between the Cadillac team and the GM partners."

The move to New York was made four years ago to help develop Cadillac's autonomy. The move was also designed to help Cadillac's higher ups interact better with luxury-buyers and included the poaching of several executives from other luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hennessy.

Johann de Nysschen was pushed out of his position earlier this year, though, as Cadillac's US sales continued fall.

According to Carlisle, the brand's new headquarters will be moved to a renovated space in Warren, Michigan, a Detroit suburb. That will put it near GM's technical center.

That will be important to Carlisle, who emphasized that easier interactions between Cadillac and GM's design and engineering teams was behind the decision to move back to Michigan.

This is one of Carlisle's first big moves as head of Cadillac, and is the first sign of his intentions for the brand.

[source: Wall Street Journal]