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Equinox Transmission Failure...

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To GM:

I own a 2010 Equinox (4-cyl) purchased new in 2009, now with just over 110,000 mi. This past week the original transmission failed (cracked pressure plate) and the vehicle is now at the dealer waiting on a new transmission replacement.

Approx. a month ago the dealer replaced engine pistons and rings due to a ongoing consumption test that resulted in the parts replacement. I had also reported on previous occasions that the vehicle was experiencing heavy, sudden shifting (most frequently on the highway) when traveling up and down the hills driven in our SW Missouri Ozarks.

I have done some internet research resulting in findings on a good number of reported transmission failures similar to what I have experienced.

Given my vehicle is just out of warranty I asked my local dealer service manager if the transmission replacement might yet be warranted due to the previous engine failure and previous shifting reports for my Equinox, all prior to the warranty expiration date. Of course I was told the vehicle I now out of warranty. I ask GM to look closer into the transmission failures being reported and ask that some consideration be offered by GM. There appears to be some connection with engine failures and subsequent transmission failures with these vehicles.

It will be appreciated to hear back from a GM representative on these issues and concerns.


Scott W.
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Hi Scott,

We're more than happy to assist in whatever way possible. We understand this is upsetting and we do apologize. Please send your VIN, mileage, dealership name, and contact information via private message if you'd like our assistance.

Thank you
Amber N.
GM Customer Care
How do I go about sending and where do I send a private message to...? - Scott W.
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