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Enzo Vs. ZR-1

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I think the ZR-1 will outperform the Enzo on top gears chart. Anyone with me on this?
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Well, it's going to run whatever Top Gear (namely Clarkson) wants it to run. They have a history. I wouldn't trust them for unbiased testing. The ZR1 would indeed beat an Enzo though. Just look at the fastest production car Nurburgring times. ZR1 is sitting at the top, position numero uno. It beat the GTR, GT-2, and Zonda F, and destroyed the Veyron, CCR, Murceilago LP640 and others. The Enzo hasn't been run, but there's nothing that can touch the ZR-1 on a road course unless the next GTR Spec-V can knock it off, but that's a couple years away.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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