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GMC’s Envoy series of SUVs grows in 2004 to include the all-new Envoy XUV, one of the most versatile SUVs on the market with unprecedented levels of flexibility, functionality and state-of-the-art technology. Now, the Envoy XUV AT4 show truck takes Professional Grade capability to the rivers and lakes for the outdoor watersports enthusiast.

An all-terrain personal-use vehicle, the five-passenger GMC Envoy XUV AT4 offers a wealth of revolutionary features in a midsize SUV, including the world’s first mass-produced power sliding rear roof, to help accommodate odd-sized watersports equipment of virtually any shape.

“The GMC AT4 Envoy XUV proves that you don’t have to sacrifice passenger comfort or accommodations for versatility and function,” said Craig Lechowicz, Envoy XUV product manager. “This is Professional Grade comfort, innovation and style that fits the lifestyle of the outdoors and watersports enthusiasts.”

Production XUV innovations provide solid base
Several industry-leading innovations from the production Envoy XUV make the GMC AT4 Envoy XUV Professional Grade truck an ideal choice for the outdoor enthusiast, including:

Power-sliding rear roof – With a touch of a button, the production Envoy XUV easily converts the cargo area from fully enclosed to open air. When the rear roof is fully retracted, a 32-inch by 32-inch (813 mm x 813 mm) opening allows Envoy XUV to carry large or tall items upright. This innovation complements (and does not cover) XUV’s available power-operated sunroof up front, giving Envoy XUV both exceptional versatility and open-air fun. Tailored to the watersports enthusiast, the AT4 Envoy XUV adds a GMC Accessory rooftop utility bar to accommodate water skis and wake boards.

Next-generation Midgate with power glass – Along with its power-sliding rear roof, Envoy XUV’s advanced Midgate is key to its versatility. The Midgate glass can be raised or lowered with the push of a button. When the window is raised, the passenger compartment is sealed off from the rear cargo area. Lower the glass, fold and tumble the seats and flip down the Midgate, and an extended cargo bed appears that offers a total of 95.2 cubic feet of cargo space. With its dual-function tailgate, which allows two-tier loading in the cargo area, Envoy XUV is also the perfect vehicle for transporting wide or long outdoors cargo like water skis and wake boards.

All-weather cargo-area – The rear cargo area is engineered to be weather-resistant, with the innovative QuickDrain system that can channel as much as 30 gallons (132L) of water per minute out of the cargo area. This allows the cargo area to be quickly hosed down after hauling wet or messy items like sand from the lake. The Envoy XUV AT4 show truck builds on this idea with an integrated water hose system that can rinse the cargo bed or the cargo itself. The AT4 features GMC Accessory universal straps to keep equipment in one place while passengers are on the move. Production XUV appointments also include four tie-down rings, which can be moved to any of 12 different locations, and another four fixed rings on the roof, allowing for maximum flexibility in hauling all types of cargo.

Drop or swing tailgate with power window – Envoy XUV’s dual-function tailgate provides increased flexibility in the AT4 show truck. The tailgate power window can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. With the window fully lowered, the tailgate can be dropped for ease of loading and unloading. The tailgate can also swing right, allowing bumper access to the cargo area.

Interior, exterior design cues accent style and function
The Envoy XUV AT4 features a custom front grille and front/rear fascias to accentuate the vehicle’s signature GMC styling. Adding a unique feel to the appearance is silver-fade optically enhanced paint and bold AT4 badging. Retractable running boards assist with entrance and exit to/from the vehicle without compromising ground clearance while driving. The AT4 rides on custom 20-inch wheels. Inside, premium leather seating surfaces and component appointments and an enhanced Bose premium audio system set the Envoy XUV AT4 apart from ordinary trucks. The Bose sound system not only enhances the drive with a concert experience, but can now provide Bose-quality sound for outdoor activities once a destination is reached. Utilizing a unique amplifier designed specifically for this Envoy XUV, the in-cabin sound system offers a specially-engineered Outdoor Listening Mode when the tailgate is ajar. In this mode, the audio system equalization is optimized to produce remarkably rich sound over a wide outdoor area. When the tailgate is closed, the system recalibrates to the interior acoustics of the vehicle, delivering premium in-cabin sound.

Award winning powertrains
Power in the Envoy XUV AT4 is supplied by the segment leading Vortec 4200 4.2L 24-valve, dual-overhead-cam I-6 engine that produces 275 horsepower and 265 lb.-ft. of torque.

Off-road appointments include four-wheel-drive with Autotrac, raised wheel-to-body height for greater ground clearance, all-terrain suspension components and tow hooks.

-Vortec 4200 I-6 engine (275 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft torque)
-Custom grille and front/rear fascias to accentuate GMC’s Professional Grade styling
-All-weather cargo area with GMC Accessory universal straps
-Power sliding rear roof with GMC Accessory rooftop utility bars to accommodate water skis and wake boards
-Power retractable running boards
-Fold down Midgate expands cargo-area length
-Versatile dual-function tailgate (can be opened horizontally or vertically) for easy cargo loading
-Integrated water hose system to clean cargo area or cargo itself
-Aniline leather by Garden State Tanning on seating surfaces and interior appointments
-GMC Accessory brush guard
-Enhanced Bose premium audio system
-Gas cap key safe
-Custom 20-inch wheels
-Silver-fade optically enhanced paint developed by Color Design Studio of America and produced by Sherwin Williams
-“AT4” off-road package
-Four-wheel-drive with Autotrac
-Raised wheel-to-body ride height
-All-terrain suspension components
-Locking rear differential
-Tow hooks
-AT4 badges

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