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ELR vs vs Onstar

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Since August, I've been trying to get Cadillac and OnStar to at least admit who owns the problem that reports absolutely bogus electric use numbers for my ELR.

Here's an example. Both electric use and electric efficiency are seriously too large.

Over the past 5 months Onstar always says it's Cadillac's problem. Cadillac alternates between it being Onstar's problem and "We're working on the website".

Is there an address where I can send copies of all the emails to someone more useful than Cadillac customer support?

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I am assuming the car is showing a totally different usage/milage?

there is a website that has access to Volt usage data and they might be of help
they "pull" OnStar so if your account shows correct and caddy dot com does NOT ETC
Voltstats does not provide the 30-day numbers that are at issue. The 30-day *mileage* numbers are spot on. It's the calculated electricity numbers that are senseless. Cadillac does not show actual kwh, but if I really used 430kwh per 100 miles for the last 326 miles, that would be more than my whole house used. (and would have cost me around 50 cents per mile!)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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