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Electric Shelby Cobra

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Ok, I think this is the best place for this post.


It seems that this company has invented an electronic power supply system and drivetrain and have teamed up with Carroll Shelby to produce fully electric versions of the famed Cobra. I fully researched their site and while there were no pics of the Cobra, there was a pic with an Austin Healy in the background that they said to be the prototype for the Cobra.

They have built a Golf Cart called the Shelby Cart, that utilizes this power system and a variant of the drivetrain. This cart will travel at 50 mph and contains a switch to limit the speed on the course. They've also developed a Quick Charge system that will allow the system to fully recharge in 40 min! They have also developed a solar charging system that has allowed Cell Phones equipped with their power system to stay charged for indefinite periods of time.

A prototype sports car they built was tested at top speeds of around 125 mph and had a 0-60 time of less than 4 seconds.

I can definitely say that should they be able to produce these for a reasonable price, I'd definitely buy one. It wouldn't have the same rumble to it as a regular Cobra, but you wouldn't have to worry about tuning up the engine or performing all of the routine maintenance that you have to do on normal cars.
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