Cadillac's first V8 since the Northstar is slated to come out soon and the company has been obsessed with making it as special and refined as possible.

It's obsession means that only six people are deemed good enough to build one. Not only that, but every engine will be built by just one of them.

The idea is to make the engine as refined as possible. In fact, that's why Cadillac decided to eschew Chevy's pushrods and install twin overhead cams.

"Designing an all-new engine was the best way to achieve the… refined and powerful character we were looking for," Jordan Lee, chief engineer for the 4.2L, told Popular Mechanics. "The engine is biased toward torque versus peak power."

Cadillac also opted for a hot V turbocharging setup to help minimize turbo lag and help give the engine a sense of immediacy.

All of that means that max torque will be available from 2,000-5,200 rpm, making the engine feel torquey down low.

And it should be good for as much as 550 hp and 627 lb-ft of torque in the CT6 V-sport.

Not too shabby.

[source: Popular Mechanics]