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Dumb Question? Maybe. But I'm Askin'!

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I have a Chevy Cobalt LT 2006. I have been listening to Sirius and my ipod for over three years. Is there a product that anyone knows of, that I can hook up to my basic factory stereo so I can stop wirelessly transmitting to my radio? Because it really is a crappy sound in the car. And I'm scared to change everything, being that the computer is daisy chained to the stereo. I need some advice on this one. Seriously! :confused:
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there is. go to your nearest best buy and they have them. i got mine done at an actual car audio store though. but yeah, im pretty sure they make them for your car if they have them for my truck. (im assuming you mean for your ipod)
For your consideration, check eBay item number 150238847159. This device plugs into your factory head unit and provides a direct input and control for your iPod as well as a standard Aux input for your Sirius radio. I installed a similar device in my 05 Malibu Maxx and it worked quite well.
Thanks guys. Great response time. As for the eBay item number 150238847159, is it hard to get installed?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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