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Dove a GTO

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WHOA!! Man, what a feeling! I was at work today when this guy came in with his Impulse Blue GTO. We got to talking, and he said "do you want to go for a ride?" So of course I said hell yes. So he hands me the keys.... yes, he let a service writier for Sears Automotive take the keys of ihs 33k vehicle and let me take it for a spin!! Best part, is he told me to take the TC off so I could really let her chirp the gears!! Now, I didnt destroy it, but man this car felt nice and tight! Chirped 2nd and 3rd gear. The car just gets up and goes! Man, and the seats! Everything was awesome. This is why I am starting "Get Big Al a GTO" Fund....please donate! :D
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How's 25 cents sound :lol: ? I'll get to drive one for a weekend in July :p
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