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Originally posted by Butta@Jun 29 2004, 08:50 PM
I've been writing about the auto business for half a century, and I know it is wrong to build the old with the new. Perhaps it is time to give in and shut more capacity, even if it means putting more workers on what amounts to lifetime pensions.
That quote tells you all you need to know. He could care less about people's jobs and the economy. Typical import snob. :rolleyes:
Butta: keeping plants running to build cars that (1) overload the market and drive down prices and (2) kill demand for current models and (3) make current models look bad and destroy the value of the brand etc, etc, etc, is not a long term strategy to employ people.

In the end, following this road, GM will remain financially weak, and its cars will continue to be saddled with bad-old-GM mojo. Toyota's loving this, no doubt. But anyone who cares about GM shouldn't.

The choice is this, Butta: keep employing the same folks in a shriking, weakening company, and wind up 20 years down the road with a shrivelled enterprise, OR, shrink now, build up GM's strength, and have a reasonable prospect of being a vigorous employer in the future.
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