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I had a Buick as a rental while my 9-3 was in the shop yesterday. It was a 2005 Century. This car has about the worst perceived quality of any car I've recently been in. The materials and fit/finish screamed CHEAP!!!

I think that this "quality" thing is a straw man. I think that most people don't look at the IQS but most people do get into a car and in an instant decide "nice interior!" or "cheap interior!." Guess which one is Buick and which is Lexus.

On the other hand, the problem with fleet sales is not the fleet sales themselves. I have had an Neon and Century rentals recently, and both were STRIPPER models. The Buick had cloth seats, front bench, lousy radio, etc. Contrast this to the 300, which I beleive is only sold in fleets in the Limited model.

Rentals are GM's opportunity to show that Toyota guy a GM car because that's what Enterprise has. Don't blow it by putting him in the lowest trim package.
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