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Originally posted by laserwizard@Jun 29 2004, 05:23 PM
Considering the tripe that gets passed here in praise of GM, this is surprisingly candid and honest.    I'm still waiting for the design revolution that was said to be coming from GM after Bob Lutz took over.  To date we've seen nothing truly beautiful aside from show cars and the production cars look like melted budda over lima beans.    Cadillac has opted for ugly is better, Pontiac has stripped its cars and melted the old plastic over them, Chevrolet is offering boxes with the ugliest frontends on the planet, and Buick seems content on leaving well enough alone.  Saturn has been killed by poor products and judgment and Oldsmobile has been allowed to die.  I see nothing in any GM dealership window that would make me, like a kid of the 1960's, run to the showroom to say "wow".    Let's face it, GM has been icing dog poopie for years and now even the icing is getting watered down.

Great article.
Ahh...But Ford has a lineup full of exciting cars that people want...At least in your eyes. :rolleyes:

Your hypocrisy is utterly amazing! In other posts, you sing the praises of the old, outdated, ugly decrepit Crown Victoria and jock Ford selling an extremely profitable car. GM is doing the very same with the GA. The tooling is long since paid for, and if they can continue to profitably sell Grand Ams alongside G6s, more power to them! This means more cash to put into the new generation of cars that will ultimately return GM to the pinnacle of automotive leadership.
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