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Originally posted by yoblues@Jul 7 2004, 07:27 AM
One thing about Kerry, if he wins he will try to jack gas price up anywhere from 50 cents to a buck a gallon. He has a long history of trying to increase gas taxes. That's why my wife is putting off buying a car till next spring.
I hear this a lot, but I've never heard John Kerry make this kind of claim, and I don't think he would commit political suicide by doing something so foolish.

I think folks assume this based on his voting record, which--IMO--you can chuck if he becomes President. I don't care how liberal he may have been in Mass., you can't be a successful politician in national politics unless you move to the center.

President Clinton demonstrated this when he ran on his liberal record and "threatened" all kinds of liberal programs (i.e. national health care), but arguably ended up looking more Republican than many Republicans.

Oh, and if it's a GM car your wife is considering, ask her to do all of us GM fans a favor and buy herself something nice right now. B)

BTW, on this poll, I picked "doesn't change my opinion". I'm likely voting for Bush, but I already liked John Kerry, and I think Edwards was a decent pick. I would have rather had McCain or Lieberman, but I think Edwards is a decent guy in spite of his profession. :D
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