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Originally posted by Ming@Jun 12 2004, 10:02 PM
"Part of the SUV styling of the CSVs was making sure that the seats and cargo bins were not truly fold flat or "disappearing" in nature. A system like the "stow and go" from DCX would have tipped off customers that the Uplander, Relay, Terraza, and SV6 are not in fact true SUVs. So we decided it would be best to offer a sort of compromise - Minivan underpinnings and tow capacity of a Venture, and SUV cargo versatility and fixed 2nd row seats like in a Trailblazer. This way we were able to get a combination of features no other Automaker has tried for - giving us our own niche in the market."

That's what I call supple in combat.

Take a flaming disadvantage of your product, and turn it around to say that there's no way anyone would accept anything like that on ourinnovative new vehicle.

You gotta admire that kind of creative BSing.
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