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Originally posted by MelvinJ@Jun 15 2004, 02:27 PM
Savanas/Expresses have a staggering amount of room in them, and the price is great too, even with AWD. I haven't driven one of GM's vans even since the redesign of '96, let alone the '03 or '04's, but just looking at them, I can't imagine that they would drive as well as the Suburban, which has a lower seating position, lower body, and I'm guessing a lower CG. Plus the vans have more frontal area to battle against the wind, so I bet highway mileage is a bit less.

I saw a new Express the other day with an aftermarket 4WD conversion and some beefy tires. It looked good.
the body of the savana is closer to the ground, cutting wind resistance, as well there are fewer things on the side of the van jutting out into the wind, and the total frontal area isn't all that much different from a suburban. Not to mention that you don't need to order a V-8 on them, there are V-6's and diesels available.
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