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Recently, it occurred to me that GM's CSV's might actually come across SUV-like, despite my misgivings when I orginally laid eyes on them. I showed the Uplander to two [non-car enthusiast] friends of mine (I like to do my own informal market research from time to time), and both immediately commented in kind: "That's an ugly SUV!" I then informed them that the Uplander was actually a minivan, to which they responded in kind again: "Wow!... it's still ugly."

So, it appears that GM designers were able to fool a few people with these CSV's. Unfortunately, it appears they weren't able to pull it off entirely.

As mentioned before, these minivans will not sell in any greater numbers when they arrive. I'm hoping they represent the last cries of committee and "good enough" design at GM, though my practical side doubts it.

At least DCX appears serious about holding back the Japanese in this segment. Despite their not having received new skin, DCX's minivans will continue to do well. The Stow N' Go system is really quite clever. And the commercials for the Chysler Voyager do their job well, too.

Shame on you, GM, for another missed opportunity!
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