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Originally posted by Hudson@Mar 16 2004, 09:18 PM
I'm not a fan of retro. I like old cars...but not modern homages to them. If you're going to build a modern car, design a modern car. Retro is such a cop-out for designers with no imagination. I like vehicles like the PT Cruiser and the 2005 Mustang, but what do you do as a follow-up? How do you do a "next-generation" PT Cruiser?

Retro vehicles are automatically have a limited life-span. Fortunately, vehicles like the GTO have done it right. It's the CONCEPT of the original GTO (small four/five passenger coupe with as big an engine as you can get in it) without trying to copy the 1964 GTO's styling.

I hope the Charger does this as well. Even though I liked the Charger concept, the production model had better not be a Mustang-like retro car. Make it a sporty sedan...and can we get a 6-speed manual (Mercedes-Benz has these) mated to that 340hp V8? Wouldn't that be nice?
BRAVO!! Perfect, exactly what I think. I would love to own a 67 GTO with all the tweeks my imagination and wallet can throw at it, but if you want to show everyone a modern car, make a modern design.
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