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Do you have to belong to the UAW?

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...if you work for GM or a supplier? My dad worked for Motor Wheel in Lansing for like 11 years back in the day, and he said when they went on strike, we got harassed but walked past them cuz he wanted to work.
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I'm going to say yes, tentatively. I'm not sure, my dad was in the UAW at Delphi...but he may have joined on his own.
I don't think you have to strike though. My dad didn't when he thought the strike was that one time they wanted floormats at Norwood and striked.
Striking is a mandatory practice (at least in the UAW). When my dad had to go on strike back when the contract negotiations between GM and the UAW stalled he said that he could not report to work because UAW workers are not allowed to work during a UAW imposed strike period. However picketing was somewhat optional and if you did picket then you received 200 dollars in strike pay.
Even if maybe only five people decide to strike? When the UAW at Norwood decided to strike over floormats, the only people that put down their tools and walked off the line were lazy bums anyways. Everyone else just laughed at them and kept working.
That "strike" was an epic failure. :lmao:
Yep but of course the floor mat "strike" and the contract strike were two different issues. and In the contract negotiation strike folks like my dad could not work because then they would have been working without a UAW contract. luckily it lasted for only three days and didn't drag out for a while like the things currently going on over at American Axel
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