Yesterday inboxes were aflutter with spy shots of the Corvette ZR1, as every major sharp shooter seemed to have tracked GM to the Nurburgring.

Still, though, the mule with a big wing and things could, in reality, be little more than a Corvette Z06 given the Viper ACR treatment. Well, listen to this and tell me if that sounds like a Corvette Z06:

That doesn't sound like an LT4 V8 to me. It actually sounds a bit flat plane cranky, almost like a Shelby, but different. Moving to the overhead cam LT5 would explain the need for a larger hood bulge, as the bigger top end of the DOHC motor would require more clearance. Too bad the weather was so horrible and they couldn't get more revs out of it.

Of the two mules, the one with the red mirrors seems to have a more aggressive attitude--it's also sporting a VP Racing Fuels sticker on its rear bumper--a subtle nod to a customer racing program perhaps?