This is a car that isn't supposed to exist. No, not because of the blue on blue on blue on blue color scheme, although that should maybe count against it.

This one shouldn't exist because it's a prototype and was condemned to the scrap pile 27 years ago. But here it is. One of just two surviving prototypes of the second-generation, C4-era ZR1 Corvette.

It's so early that it was still called the King of the Hill. The ZR1 name hadn't been arrived at yet. It's a 1988 car fitted with the Mercury Marine double-cam LT5 V8 and six-speed manual that wouldn't see production until 1990.

So why is this prototype wearing UK plates? The ZR1 came about when Lotus was under the GM umbrella, and the Hethel-based engineering firm did the development work on the car.

Prototype details include the wheels, an 8,000 rpm tach, and Goodyear Gatorbacks moulded "not for sale" on the inner sidewalls. Plus the reproduction camouflage covering the ZR1 tail panel.

Instead of being destroyed, it ended up in a scrap-yard. It sat there for years until it was found, retrieved, and restored.

It's hitting the Mecum Kissimmee auction block in January. Along with the car are the original build sheet and a handwritten engine book directly from Lotus.