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Another article apparently written by a desk jockey, not someone knowledgeable about the car business.

There have been FEW new domestic products rolled out so far (from the expected crop of new models). For the author to write anything about the ineffectiveness of the products is premature. It is also indicative of the stupid journalism that permeates much of the automotive press today.

I noticed that the author ignored new products from Japanese manufacturers like the Nissan Quest, the Armada, and the Titan. All bombs in the marketplace. Ignored are the collection of forgettable creatures from Scion. All bombs. Ignored is the hohum impact of the Tundra four door on the product line. Toyota Tundra sales are down significantly.

I'm a bit fed up with the yellow (pun intended) journalism of the automotive press that is so pro-Japanese. They ignore the obvious facts and don't bother to compare apples with apples and instead compare Sushi with peanuts.

Even the homely Cadillac division with its BMW ugly styling has had a modicum of success (albeit compared to its prior moribund product offering). Again ignored by the author.

Perhaps articles that offer such fact-less basis shouldn't be reprinted here.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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