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I'm more concerned about the explanation of the airbags in a "brand new vehicle" and the recalls in the article.
1- how can a soft ware patch fix a wiring installation issue ? one is mechanical and one is not if the wires are in the way of deployment tell me how software fixes that..sounds like an excuse to cover the real problem. THERE NOT DOING THERE DUE DILIGENCE TESTING VEHICLES !
2- recalls are you getting sick of them yet I am...I'm concerned when a vehicle like the Cadillac has flaws that should be found during proper testing, corrosion is a big issue for GM and they just don't get it yet they would rather flood us with expensive upgrades and hokey attempts at guessing what we want but cant make a vehicle rust free for even two years !

Now see they can't even get these new trucks off the line without a hitch, but were supposed to be impressed they caught it so soon....REALLY ? that's great PR spin only ones better is the Whitehouse these days..c'mon gm. were is your quality control and sense of American pride in workmanship and customer service, your testers should not be "yes people" but almost adversary to design and engineering. All it takes is one enthusiastic tester or two and we get vehicles that go back to the dealer less than a week after delivery.
WHO IS NOT THE MANUFACTER and you get a well rehearsed set of excuses that nearly every abnormal condition is acceptable since they build em and set acceptable guidelines and if you get a regional rep they seem to go on the defensive right away and never take ownership or admit fault in anything.
THIS IS A LONG STANDING CULTURE IN GM THIS AND SELLING VEHICLES THAT HAVE FAULTS THAT JUST SHOULD NOT COME FROM A COMPANY THIS LARGE AND THIS OLD so you see in many cases its cheaper for GM to bring a vehicle to market with flaws and deal with it than to hold off and fix it..they have a department just to analyze the loss and profit of recalls and whether or not to send out a vehicle or stop production and delivery but you have to ask yourself how in the heck do they get that far with something to discover a flaw unless they ignored it somewere in testing or checking the new vehicle well enough as they start to come off the line, seems to me in the location of the build you would run a couple vehicles first to make sure the wires to the drivers airbag are installed correctly that's a critical path item don't you think. I was hoping for a whole hearted change in GM it must be hard to do or there getting better at smoke and mirrors unfortunately the latter seems to be the case at every corner.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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