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You would think GM would have learned from the disaster that was the GTO.

The exact same crap that happened to that car is happening to the G8. Dealers don't understand the tagging process(I had to show my dealer how to tag a G8),or the options(i got called to look at a "fully loaded" G8 that was missing the sport package).Not to mention the 10k markups.(MSRP ones are selling, marked up ones are rotting)

I realize that GM should have trained the dealers better, but when you know more about the car than the sales manager, thats pretty bad.

I'm a big Pontiac fan, but this car has to succeed in order for Pontiac to not go the way of Oldsmobile.
Aside from the other comments here...I agree.

Say it as many times as needed...dealers NEED to be reigned in by the manufacturer more when it comes to pricing and not knowing about vehicles. Yes, everything is a business and meant to make money, but when you start that over sticker garbage, don't have a clue about the product, etc. it not only sours your buyers but does so--very often--for the entire brand, model, and corporation in general.

Shouldn't have to wait, etc., but should have had ALL dealers that had to have a mandatory "schooling" and strict orders on conduct with pricing, etc., as much of a dream world as that is. This car has much more potential than the GTO, but this crap doesn't help.

But oh well...
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