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Originally posted by Mr_Pringle@Dec 31 2003, 03:49 PM
I doubt that the GT will directly add anything to Ford's profits. I may be wrong, but I figure that Ford loses money with every GT that they sell. I just can't see them recouping all their development costs with the sale of 3,500 cars @ $140,000. Once you take out the cost of materials and of production, I just don't see enough left for much else. But this car isn't about direct profit; it's about image-- indirect profit... but that's another story.
It was quoted that to coincide with their new philosophy of only producing vehicles that generate a profit, the Ford GT does in fact earn Ford money, although I would imagine this profit is teetering on zero. The vehicle is a limited time, limited production model ment to get people excited about Ford again.

Actually profit is so minimal that it will be cancelled in 3yrs because new bumper regulations will cost too much to implement.
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