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Dayton to prepare to say goodbye to GM

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In closing Moraine, GM is giving up on a plant where it has had cooperative relations with the IUE union, which has granted prior concessions to the company in negotiations. It is the only IUE-represented plant in GM's system in the United States, which is dominated by United Auto Workers union-represented plants.
The Moraine plant has also won productivity recognition in recent years from the Harbour Report. A year ago, the Harbour Report for North America chose Moraine as the most productive midsize premium utility vehicle plant. In 2006, the plant came in second in the midsize non-premium segment..."

Affects me deeply. My dad is a supervisor there, as well as his gf who works there on the assembly line. He started working for GM in Dayton when the buildings were still Frigidaire. He helped open Moraine Engine as a young supervisor. He was there til the last bitter moment when the diesel plant closed. Transferred to Moraine Assembly, now only to watch it close.

GM's presence in Dayton will be nonexistant. Having had a peak of over 20,000 at one point, now coming to a close. From Charles Kettering inventing the starter motor and founding Delco to the end of GM's employment in Dayton.

Sad day.
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I left the Auto industry and GM at the start of all this and its still painful. My plant in Rochester is still hanging on as part of Delphi but the sister Delco Plant in Rochester was recently bulldozed.

The second half of the movie pays tribute to the people of Dayton and the part they played during WWII. Hopefully we won't need them again.
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