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Originally posted by Ming@Feb 20 2004, 01:16 PM
Laugh at me if you like, but I actually wanted one of these a couple of years back.  They seemed to offer a lot for the price, and the rumor was that Daewoo was going to bring these to the US.  They had a "choose a name for this vehicle" on the Daewoo USA website, and the winner was supposed to get one.

I entered a few names (I had just won an on-line shopping spree a few months before and was feeling lucky).  My favorite name I came up with for this vehicle was the Daewoo Jitney. :p

Aside from the swoopy styling, this car reminded me of the Mitsubishi Expo (Eagle had a version, too), which might have been the first true "tall wagon" in the US market.
I entered Suvana and Arvana in the contest. I'm still waiting to pick mine up. :argue:

Actually, I think Chevy should be selling this car as the Aveo. It has a little more personality (though I do like the current Aveo for what it is).
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