A new report out of Detroit says that dropping six cars from its lineup could mean a lower market share and more job cuts.

The Detroit Free Press reports that cutting the models could mean up to eight percent of the company's sales. That's because while sales of sedans like the Cruze and Impala aren't what they used to be, they still aren't exactly nothing. That sales drop could mean $7 to $9 billion in annual revenue, and a drop in market share that the company may never recover.

The Free Press said economists they spoke with say that will mean more job cuts at GM, and at engine plants and suppliers. Suggesting Flint, Romulus, and others could be impacted. That's due to shifting sales volumes being built at different locations.

GM has already announced 14,000 job cuts. The report says more will be needed to compensate for the loss in revenue. Especially if buyers move to other brand cars instead of GM crossovers, meaning that the lost sales aren't recouped by other, more profitable vehicles.

GM said that it expects to make up the market share on new pickups and new SUVs like the 2019 Blazer. "Our strategy is profitable growth, and our aggressive new product launches, all centered in the key growth segments of crossovers, SUVs and trucks, will help us achieve that goal," GM spokesman Pat Morrissey said.

[source: Detroit Free Press]