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GM says it is making progress on turning around the profits of two of its ongoing loss-makers, Saab and Saturn, through cost reductions and new models coming this year. GM product boss confirmed that the company will build the Saturn Curve, one of the Kappa platform cars at this week's Detroit Auto Show. The Pontiac Solstice and Curve will be built at Saturn's Wilmington, Del., plant. The Chevy Nomad Kappa concept is a tougher proposition, said Lutz. "Chevy has so much product coming already that dealers are starting to complain about where they will put it all," said Lutz. Lutz also said Saturn will soon get a " big brother" to the Saturn VUE in the form of a big crossover SUV, though he declined to peg a launch date. GM said its stronger performance in the second half of 2003, when its U.S. market share rose to 28.7 percent compared to 28 percent for all of 2003, will carry over into 2004. -Jim Burt

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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