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All you nay sayers HAVE to be kidding. Put some HP in the Curve, offer the right colors and this thing is gonna rock. And get off the Edsel thing. BELIEVE ME! THIS IS NO EDSEL!!. I was there when that loser came out and I'm still laughing. There are a whole host of European sports cars with centered vertical grills and no one lays the Edsel label on them. Also, this shouldn't be compared with Solstice because the Solstice is a drop top as opposed to a coupe. It is gorgeous in it's own right. The Nomad is a whole different deal with an appeal and market of its own. Who said GM has to produce either / or? This is America! Tastes and needs differ. Frankly, I would have a difficult task choosing between them. Thing is, I don't know if my 6'2 frame will fit in any of them, given that they are all chop tops with two of them having limited (or no) seat-back recline capability.
1 - 1 of 66 Posts
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