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CT6 from Cadillac ad during the Oscars

The ELR does have the capability to be quicker than the Volt even with the same technology and small changes.

Here are some points outlining what could be done:
- Theyll keep essentially the Volt battery design & LG Chem cells, but likely use a larger percentage of it for better range
- They might very well add super capacitors to the battery to achieve faster acceleration without risking battery damage
- They might also overdrive the traction motor for the few seconds needed to get faster acceleration 0-60 & 45-85
- Theyll probably modify the engine to use the Atkinson cycle for >50mpg in charge sustaining mode CS mode & stick with gasoline regular in stead of premium required by the Volt
- Hopefully, theyll use Caddys CUE signal interface system in place of the Volts "Apple-inspired" center stack
- Hopefully, theyll use Caddys Magnetic Ride Control suspension system for improved cornering & chuck-hole response
- They should definitely use full power seats in front, pneumatic lifters for the hood and tiny rear-looking cameras not mirrors
- They should offer both a Sun/Moon Roof and a Solar PV Roof to help fan-cool the interior when parked in hot sunlight
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