Having arrived in Nashville early this morning I had the better part of the day waiting for the rest of the media to show up- so I went for a little drive.

These are a few observations from the hour I spent driving around Nashville in the 2016 Cruze. Full drive review will come later in the week.

I was in a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Premier equipped with the RS package ($865), Sun & Sound with Navigation ($1,995), Enhanced Convenience Package ($865) and Driver Confidence II package ($790). Bringing total MSRP to $28,640.


  • The motor is plenty torquey, peak torque comes on at 2,220 RPM
  • In comfortable driving around the city the 1.4T settles in between 2,000 and 2,500 RPM
  • When gradually accelerating from cruising speed there is no noticeable turbo lag
  • Paddle shifters would have been nice, the toggle switch on top of the shifter just doesn't do it for me shifting wise.
  • And while they're at it a sport mode would be nice too just to keep the revs on boil slightly longer.
  • Even under hard acceleration there isn't noticeable turbo lag
  • However under hard acceleration the front end has a tendency to feel light- understandable for a turbo motor FWD
  • The only noticeable torque steer was during hard acceleration coming out of a right hand turn from a standstill
  • It doesn't corner like a Civic- even with the better rear end of the Premier model the car didn't feel as planted as the Honda
  • Although, the Cruze does offer a more supple ride than the Honda- I didn't find the Civic to be a harsh ride but definitely a stiffer ride
  • The Cruze does a better job of soaking up road imperfections than the Civic
  • If you hate road noise stay away from the 18" wheel package, especially for highway driving- although with the music going it's not awful
  • At 90-100 MPH the steering starts to feel a little light


  • Getting in and out of the 2016 Cruze is a satisfying experience- the doors have nticeable weight to them when you first open them, the stepped hinges are crisp and the doors close with a resounding thud once reserved for premium cars
  • The ****pit is airy with what feels like a football field of space between you and the front windshield
  • I found the voice controls to be maddening (but I always have), after 10 minutes trying to get Android Auto to find my destination I finally gave up, unplugged my phone and punched the location into Google Maps on my S6 before re-engaging AA.
  • The Bose speaker system is more than enough for all but the biggest audio savants
  • Volume and song selection controls on the back of the steering wheel was nice, but I would have preferred paddle shifters instead
  • Seats are comfy, the leather is soft and the lower portion does well to support the backs of your knees.
More coming soon!