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(Crazy) Rumormill: Spanish GTA to feature Pontiac V10?

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rumor spotted at is a late April fool joke (or a very early one for next year April fool)? But as a poster mentionned on Autoblog...

If you pair this with the story on BMW selling GM its engines, and consider that the M5 and M6 use a 5.0L V10, and make the stretch that BMW would sell its most exclusive motors--which would end up in Pontiac and not Cadillac, then assume this Spanish company would buy through GM rather than direct from Germany, then you might almost have something
then another possibility from another poster
Wasn't GM working on XV-12 and XV-10 when they stopped working on the XV-16? I remember hearing about Holden working on the XV-12 project in Australia (Hence the Pontiac reference, Pontiac's becoming mostly re-badged Holdens).
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the title of this thread makes it sound like there will be a V-10 Pontiac in the spanish version on Grand Theft Auto
That's exactly how it seemed to me :D
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