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I think the curvaceousness of the Solstice would lend itself nicely to a "D-Type" concept, as something of a Club Racer and possible competitor to the Elise.

Rex, or somebody, here's what I see:

1. Separate tubs for the driver and passenger. Seating tubs, not bathtubs. This is not a soap-box racer. :woot2:

2. A snap-on cover for the passenger side.

3. Lose the passenger-side headrest/bulge

4. Extend the driver's side headrest/bulge back, but don't make it into the D-Type's gigantic fin.

5. Mini-windscreen for driver's side, possibly one for the passenger's side.

6. Dunno if the grille will need any kind of "vintage" treatment or not. Prolly will look pretty sharp as it is.

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