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crank position sensor 2005, 2500HD

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If this has been addressed before, I'm sorry,
I have a 2005 3/4 ton silerado that has been dying on me going down the road. Most of the time I can kick it up into neutral while still rolling,and start it right back up. One time (after I towed it home) It took about 3 hours for it to start again. This last time,it died and 2 1/2 hours later still wouldn't start (stranded me and my 2 boys, and ruined a fishing trip) I have about decided it is the crankshaft position sensor, and have one ordered, WHERE is it, and how hard is it to change? I have been searching the internet for 3 hours, and haven't found any usefull information, this site looks like my best bet!

am I on the right track here or what?
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Is this a small block or big block truck?I have also never seen a crank sensor go bad on a newer 4.8,5.3,or 6.0 liter engine.The big block engines do have some issues though.
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