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Could've been worse...

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So my car got busted into today. I was heading out to the post office to pick up a package and what do I see? Driver's seat shoved all the way back, stereo faceplate ripped off. I get in to inspect the damage. My CDs are gone, the head unit is still in the dash but the dash is partially ripped off. (It snapped right back into place) The head unit is damaged beyond repair, as is the bezel it was sitting in. I suppose it's my own stupid fault for forgetting to lock the door, but then again on the upside the ******* didn't break my window (which would've required a trip to the dealer and about $200 to fix that I don't have). And I'm also fortunate the inept slob didn't just take the whole car. So I suppose I should count my blessings.

Still, I'm a little pissed off. I mean who'd waste their time ripping off a stinking Cavalier, anyway?! I won't be made a fool of again, though. I'm getting an alarm, and I'm debating whether to even bother fixing the stereo. After all, no radio = no reason to break in.
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sorry man, last year my car got hit by a bus, not a cool suprise when you get out of class. just hit the mirror off, dinged the door a little, no major damage, and my insurance paid for most of it (600$ damage, 250$ deductible)

anyway the bad thing was that it was at my college and they are so far behind they dont even have cameras up so there was no proof that the bus did it, although the cop said he has seen it many times before, its the only kind of vehical that can compleately take off a mirror but not mess up the actual car. most the time people see things like this (my alarm was screaming) but nobody reported it, and the bus driver sucks...

i wish he would have just creamed it, i mean at least then i would have gotten the cash i was going for, sense it was on sale....

still is by the way 2995$ 95 sentra, lots of cool crap. all of you in portland should come by and look at it, and buy it.... haha like that would ever happen... :rolleyes:
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Same thing happened to me a few years back. I was doing a school to work program during my senior year of High School and my car got broken into while I was at work in the morning. I drive a '79 Camaro, so it's not the hardest thing in the world to break into. I didn't notice anything was wrong until I got to school and noticed my backpack was gone. When I got into the car the door was still locked but the ring around the stereo faceplate was in the floorboard but it always falls off so I didn't think anything about it. When I got home, I looked all over for my backpack thinking that I had left it there. Sure enough it wasn't there and my mom just kinda threw out the idea about my cds being in my car so I went and checked and they were indeed gone. The dirty [email protected][email protected] stole my backpack, my entire cd collection, a butterfly knife and a pair of sunglasses. Insurance only paid for my school supplies because we "couldn't prove the cds were actually stolen" even though I had all of the empty Jewel cases with receipts in each one. So I lost close to $1700 and they only paid $250 for my books and calculator. And to top it all off, the parking lot I was parked in was only monitored by one camera and from where I was at it couldn't see my car.
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