The mid-engine Corvette might arrive with a gearbox related to another impressive mid-engine monster. In this case, the Porsche 918 Spyder. That's according to a new report from Road and Track.

At the start of the year, the expected transmission was a Tremec seven-speed dual clutch. More recently, documents that looked like an order guide were leaked that showed an eight-speed DCT instead. But, as R&T points out, there aren't all that many eight-speed dual-clutch boxes out there. Especially ones that can be mounted in the back and handle the mighty torque that's expected from a Chevrolet Corvette.

But there is one. A ZF box. The 8DT that you're probably more familiar with as the PDK transmission in the 2016 and up Porsche Panamera. And the current Bentley Continental GT. And yes, we're aware that the Bentley isn't mid-engine.

So how is that related to the 918? The 8DT is the eight-gear evolution of the 7DT, which was the 918's box. As well as the older Pana and 911.

The other thing, the one that makes that ZF box more likely, R&T says, is that some CAD drawings that leaked of the new 'Vettes transmission case just happens to look just like the 918's gearbox. And the double end plate with a bushing on top is quite distinctive.

The last interesting piece here is that the 8DT is already set up to have hybrid electric motors fitted. Like in the Panamera, where a ZF's 134 hp peak electric motor has been used.