Put your preconceived notions away-it wasn't spotted cutting up the Green Hell, romping around VIR, or even tearing through Death Valley-the latest ZR1 sighting was at McDonalds, during the lunch hour.

Loitering in the drive thru gave the sharp shooter a chance to finally capture the ZR1's insane looking aero package which looks to be approaching C7.R levels of downforce, if not more.

The Corvette prototype also shows off its bulging powerdome, large breathing vents for the heat exchanger, and a front fascia now dominated by three gaping air intakes.

Doing its best Viper ACR impression, the gargantuan front splitter with vertical winglets and sky-scraping rear wing are a harbinger of the car's inherent athleticism and may or may not be of the active variety.

Rounding out the visual modifications are reworked fender venting and larger looking carbon fiber rocker panels.

What lurks beneath the hood still remains the million dollar question, conflicting reports peg the ZR1 showing up with either a new version of the Z06's supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8, or an all-new twin-turbo V8 allegedly named LT5. Regardless of what motor motivates the newest Corvette 700-750 hp has been the figure most often bandied about.

It's also thought the ZR1 could be the final goodbye to the Corvette's tried and true front-engine layout.