In what can only be described as the best headline since Ferrari sets lap record at Fiorano, the Corvette has taken to home turf and set a lap record at the National Corvette Museum Motorsport Park.

Setting a time of 2:05.29 on the 3.15 mile Grand Full Course, the longest format available at the park. While lap times for the Grand Full Course are hard to come by, this YouTube video shows a C6 Z06 completing the course in 2:23, which, while not necessarily scientific, does at least give us an idea of how fast the lap was, since it cut 20 seconds faster than a reasonably quick car's time.

The shorter Grand Straight does have some lap times posted (a Viper ACR holds the record at 1:58), but at 0.3 miles shorter and by cutting off a series of long sweepers it's a much faster course.

The ZR1's time was set by Andy Pilgrim, who was kind about the car after his drive.

"I knew the new ZR1 was quick from my first drive at the Media Launch at Road Atlanta. Setting a production car lap record on OE tires at MSP by turning a 2:05.59 lap, let me know just how quick," he said. "The ZR1 is an amazingly capable track car and phenomenal bang for the buck."

[source: GM Authority]