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from article:
Juechter went on to say that ZR1 accessories wouldn't be made available for lesser Corvette models, so buyers won't be able to option up for carbon-ceramic brakes or Michelin tires on their Z06s. When asked if engineers considered all-wheel-drive for the ZR1, he emphasized that making the vehicle as lightweight as possible was a top priority and that an AWD system "would have added too much mass." And on the topic of price gouging by dealers, Juechter said only one thing: "We're strongly encouraging dealers to charge MSRP." Good luck on that.

yeah, not going for MSRP until a cold day down under...

good that GM is safeguarding the ZR1 against 'imitator' Z06 buyers...

I'm disappointed AWD wasn't seriously considered, imagine how that would out-perform on a track against a GTR-Vspec....sigh. Score another for Japan Inc.

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