In a tweet published on August 2, the official Corvette Racing account released an image of three racing Corvettes ahead of this weekend's Road America IMSA championship race. One of them may preview a heretofore unseen graphics package.

The Stingray R package was leaked in a report based on dealer information. The pace Corvette pictured in the tweet features script that reads "Stingray R" on its front splitter.

It, therefore, seems reasonable to surmise that this will preview the graphics package. Although we predict that the track map will be dropped, it does look like the stripe features a shadowy Corvette badge leading to a bowtie on the roof. Red mirror caps and aero accents, meanwhile, mirror those on the C8.R race cars.

Although this looks like a leak, it may be that Corvette Racing was put in a tough spot as a result of the pandemic. Already struggling to supply non-special edition Corvettes with their carbon pieces, it may simply be that Chevrolet had planned to unveil the car this week but isn't in a position to really supply buyers with the package.

Whatever the case, it looks like a fine appearance package if it does indeed happen.

[via Corvette Blogger]