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Corvette C7 2010

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Hey Friends :)
Hope ur all doing good :)
Umm LOL :p
i was bored and i sketched this CORVETTE C7
What i hate bout it is the Rear end :S
i dunno i think its crappy and not working well with body :p
i like the overall shape of the car ..
but i guess the rear needs some work...

Here You go :)

Hope u all like it :)

comments please....
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It looks good but it doesn't look like a corvette.
future reference, drawings nver draw as many comments as any other thread will...usually the only people you'll hear from are other artists, and you have to give us some time =)

as for the drawing, I like it. you have a "messy" technique that goes well with your rendering. you can quickly sketch out an idea, but add detail at the same looks good. design-wise, i'm thinking monte carlo when i see this...still very nice though!
I think the rear end looks ok, it looks really modern, although maybe those tailights remind the ones on the GT-R a little, but anyway i like the idea and the round massive look of the car.
there it is!
i like it..especially the taillights. it changes up the rear which has had the same overall lok for 20 years. nice job....dare i challange you to a front end? IMO that is THEE hardest part of the whole car, the guys who did this year, it was hard for them but they managed with the new was idk what to do next, probably have to change it all up. good luck. haha
really like the profile as a vette. the rear end, although nice, just doesnt say corvette to me
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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