The Corvette factory in Bowling Green, Kentucky, will close this summer for scheduled assembly line upgrades.

It's believed the plant closure will coincide with the completion of model year 2017 sometime in June; it's expected the $290 million upgrades and modifications to assembly operations, adding "new technologies and processes" will take three months to complete. The word comes from Corvette Blogger which claims an announcement from the plant is forthcoming.

Upgrades to the assembly line are in addition to the new $439 million paint shop which should be completed this spring, before officially coming online in the fall.

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The plant should operate at full capacity through the first six months of 2016 to ensure a healthy supply of C7 Corvettes will be available during the plant closure. Naturally, 2018 model year production will begin once work begins again in Bowling Green.

The C7 Corvette will continue its life at Bowling Green, but it's believed it could be joined by the 2018 Corvette ZR1, and likely the mythical mid-engine Corvette. Rumors have persisted that Team Corvette has found a way to re-purpose the C7 platform for mid-engine duty.

Bowling Green's assembly line hasn't been upgraded since before the start of C5 production in 1997. Like the mid-engine Corvette will be, the C5 was a revolution for the brand, moving to a new hydroformed box frame, relocating the transmission to the back, and of course, the rebirth of the giant slaying Z06.