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Contest #202: SEMA Solstice

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I'm back! With one change! Contests will now run from Sunday to Saturday night.

Take the picture below and modify it any way that you want. Change colors, looks, background, etc...

The changes can be serious or silly. The changes don't have to make the car more desirable, they just have to make it different.

You are showing off your creativity and your chopping skills.

You must use the original picture as your starting point. Try to keep some semblance of the original pic.

You can make up to 2 entries! But if you do, they have to be significantly different from each other. Please send me final copies only. NO revisions after entry. Once you've entered, that's your entry.

If more than 20 entries are received, I might not use "2nd" entries. So please indicate which one you prefer, in case of that scenario.

Chopping is anonymous!:

Do NOT post your images here in this thread. Instead, E-mail them to: [email protected].
Do not send a link to the picture. Send the picture itself. Please send it in JPG format. Please do not write your name anywhere in your picture.
In your e-mail (but not your picture) please include your user name, even if you think that I know who you are.

You have until SATURDAY at Midnight to submit your entries, so there is no need to rush right away. Quality takes time. Voting will start on Sunday.

Same rule in effect. If you enter, you MUST vote. Contestants that do not vote will be penalized.

Here's the pic to modify:

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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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