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Current Contest #193: Voting!

Please remember that if you submitted an entry, you MUST vote!

Voting Rules:

Please vote for your top 3 choices (in order).
Please don't vote for the same picture more than once, and please choose 3, even if you don't like 3 of them.

To vote, simply reply to this message and type the LETTERS of the ones you like the most. Please pick your favorites in order. Please pick at least 3 images. You can choose even more if you wish

You are voting on CHOP IDEA and on CHOP QUALITY combined.

Each 1st place vote gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets 1.

If you want, you can vote for more than 3 entries! The top 3 get counted the same as usual. Every car listed after your top 3 gets 1/2 a point. That way if you think someone needs encouragement, or special mention, then he will earn some points as well.



End of entries!

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Re: Current Contest #193: Voting!

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