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Please remember that if you submitted an entry, you MUST vote!

Voting Rules:

Please vote for your top 3 choices (in order).
Please don't vote for the same picture more than once, and please choose 3, even if you don't like 3 of them.

To vote, simply reply to this message and type the LETTERS of the ones you like the most. Please pick your favorites in order. Please pick at least 3 images. You can choose even more if you wish

You are voting on CHOP IDEA and on CHOP QUALITY combined.

Each 1st place vote gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 and 3rd gets 1.

If you want, you can vote for more than 3 entries! The top 3 get counted the same as usual. Every car listed after your top 3 gets 1/2 a point. That way if you think someone needs encouragement, or special mention, then he will earn some points as well.

If you entered, DO NOT vote for yourself, or get your buddies to vote for you. If you vote for yourself, you will be assessed a 10 point penalty.

Here's the Original:


End of entries!

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Re: Current Contest #148: Voting!

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