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Take the picture below and modify it any way that you want. Change colors, looks, background, etc...

The changes can be serious or silly. The changes don't have to make the car more desirable, they just have to make it different.

You are showing off your creativity and your chopping skills.

You must use the original picture as your starting point. Try to keep some semblance of the original pic.

You can make up to 2 entries! But if you do, they have to be significantly different from each other. Please send me final copies only. NO revisions after entry. Once you've entered, that's your entry.

If more than 20 entries are received, I might not use "2nd" entries. So please indicate which one you prefer, in case of that scenario.

Chopping is anonymous!:

Do NOT post your images here in this thread. Instead, E-mail them to: [email protected].
Do not send a link to the picture. Send the picture itself. Please send it in JPG format. Please do not write your name anywhere in your picture.
In your e-mail (but not your picture) please include your user name, even if you think that I know who you are.

You have until Thursday at Midnight to submit your entries, so there is no need to rush right away. Quality takes time. Voting will start on Friday.

Same rule in effect. If you enter, you MUST vote. Contestants that do not vote will be penalized.

Here's the pic to modify:


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Re: Current Contest #129: Olds O4

Yeah, I'm curious about it's origins too.

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Re: Current Contest #129: Olds O4

The O4 represents a sad chapter in Oldsmobile history as the last glimpse of the future we would see from the division. GM gave the media an early preview of its 2001 concepts a month before the 2001 Detriot show. Among them was the Oldsmobile O4, a small European style open air roadster said to preview the styling direction of a second generation production Alero. Unfortinately, the annouced demise of the Olds division between that time and the official debut at Detroit left the O4 as an somewhat of an orphan. At the Detriot intro on January 7th, 2001, the Oldsmobile name was quietly dropped from the concept and it was referred to as the GM O4. The car's display spot at the show was hidden under a staircase in the back of GM's massive stand. They never even bothered issuing a press release, much less a media kit.

The car was said to be targeted at young, fun loving buyers with its blend of international design and engineering. The design was a collaborative effort between GM and Bertone Design in Turin, Italy. The front-wheel drive car was built upon an Opel platform and powered by Opel's 1.8-liter Ecotech turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. . The roof featured twin targa tops made of carbon fiber that snap off and could be stowed behind the rear seats. The rear window retracted into the space behind the rear seats, as well. The interior had room for four passengers and featured an "Info Ring" instrument panel with reconfigurable displays. It was inspired by Palm Pilot and other hand held devices and intended to replace the traditional knobs and gauges found on an instrument panel, center console and overhead console. Ten buttons around the top edge of the display allowed the driver to toggle smoothly from one function to the next.

Year 2001
Make Oldsmobile
Model O4
Engine Location Front
Drive Type Front Wheel
Weight 3300 lbs | 1496.9 kg

Engine Configuration I
Cylinders 4
Aspiration/Induction Turbocharged
Displacement 1800.00 cc | 109.8 cu in. | 1.8 L.
Horsepower 190.00 BHP (139.8 KW)
Torque 184.00 Ft-Lbs (249.5 NM)
HP to Weight Ratio 17.4 LB / HP (Vehicles with similar ratio)
HP / Liter 105.6 BHP / Liter
Vehicles with similar horsepower and weight

Transmission Information
Gears 5
Transmission Manual

Length 162.001 in | 4114.8 mm.
Width 70.001 in | 1778 mm.

Tires / Wheels
Tires Front : P275/35R19
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